You already have the skills – learn how to apply them to the medical field

ANCA is a leading provider of education and information regarding leveraging your tool making ability to enter the medical components industry. If you’re looking to upgrade your knowledge base, we have the FREE course for you:

  • Apply fresh techniques from industrial cutting tool design
  • Optimise your instrument geometry to match the specific nature of bone structures
  • Leverage the advantages of grinding over Swiss turning
  • Learn to select a material and grinding wheel to suit bone drilling
  • Breakthrough into the medical components market

Upgrade your industrial drill making skills and join a recession resistant industry

As an industry leader in quality CNC grinding machines, an e-course through ANCA can open or expand business opportunities within the stable and prospering medical market.

  • 30 years of experience
  • Leaders in drill manufacturing technology
  • Highly awarded for manufacturing innovation
  • Internationally recognised

Migrate to the medical field for long term benefits

For skilled industrial drill manufacturers looking to apply their trade to an evolving and ever expanding industry, let ANCA introduce you to medical instrument making. Learn about making bone drills and more, and become a part of something guaranteed to last.

Sign up for a FREE e-course with ANCA today and discover how to enter or grow your presence in the medical industry.

Learn how to make medical devices in a recession resistant industry

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